Harmony By Guest Blogger Taylor Deubel

Many see harmony as a far reaching acquirement, when in reality, harmony is neither difficult nor elusive. We woke up today, there are people in this world who love us, and we have been so graciously given another day to live- we are already in harmony; we may just be unaware.

Each day we are becoming more and more of what we were meant to become. Similarly to how the design process for this collection came to be. First we gather the inspiration for the collection and seek out the bare bones- the materials. The handmade materials make it effortless for the voices of nature to sing. The colors selected for this earth shatteringly beautiful collection were chosen based on their ability to both say something and make us feel something.

Just like this collection, we are born as seeds- our true beauty comes when we have flowered into our entirety. There is a certain relaxation that subsides over the Harmony collection. Harmony gives the wearer radiance, love and inner peace/power each time she puts it on. “The secret to happiness is to be in harmony with your existence. To always be calm and let each wave of life wash us a little bit further up the shore”-Unknown.

Photo Credit: Liz and Rich Photography

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