How Art Imitates Life

PONO by Joan Goodman: How Art Imitates Life- The New York Life From the Hamptons to Brooklyn and Manhattan In Between A Museum Staple & Statement

People often say that art imitates life.  In the case of PONO that would be quite true for NY life -and all kinds of New Yorkers. Beyond its vast boutique business, Manhattan based jewelry brand, PONO by Joan Goodman, can now be purchased in over 30 museums nationwide.   Three of these museums are in New York, in a trio of very uniquely fashionable locales.

MAD Lady with bangle

From the Parrish Art Museum in Watermill to the Museum of Arts and Design on Manhattan’s Columbus Circle to the Brooklyn Museum, PONO has become a museum shop fixture.  Made mostly of Italian resin, the colorful and often chunky statement necklaces and bracelets seem to excite everyone from mod and mature hamptonites to burgeoning, blogging brooklynites and other Apple dwellers in between.

So what is the secret to its success in such venues?  Franci Sagar, representative from the Museum of Art and Design has been carrying the line for six years and explains.

“Our museum store customers want to connect with the artist and our goal is to build a bridge between the work and the customer. Joan Goodman is constantly pushing the limits with the materials she uses, always evolving her designs; coming up with new introductions that keep PONO fresh.  Joan’s pieces celebrate the materials she uses which is important for our museum store customer, as celebration of materials is a part of the Museum’s mission. Customers are drawn to the positive energy in Joan’s pieces, as well as her clean shapes and color sense.”

PONO’s involvement with New York’s art community does not stop there, pieces from the collection can be seen on such forward New York filmed television series as the hipster HBO “Girls”, the defunct yet dashing “Lipstick Jungle”, and the ultra-elegant, “Good Wife”.  In fact the connection to the latter was so strong that the series’ award winning costume designer, Daniel Lawson, is currently in his second season of collaboration with Joan Goodman on a capsule collection titled “DL for PONO”.

It is no mystery how New York plays so prominently in the pieces. Designer, Joan Goodman and her sister Barbara who leads operations at PONO are the quintessential New Yorkers.  Yankee season ticket holders, frequent fixtures at the NYC Ballet and avid museum goers. “PONO is truly art imitating our lives,” explains Goodman.

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