The Designer:
Joan Goodman

Joan Goodman is the designer and creative force behind the PONO Collection.

Joan lived among the breathtaking exoticism of Hawaii for several years and has traveled extensively. She chose the name PONO for her jewelry collection with a purpose. PONO is the Hawaiian word for righteousness; quality; goodness; virtuousness; in perfect order.

This is what she wanted to embody, our wearers to embrace: being anchored, expressive, illuminating--not just in terms of look and feel but also when it comes to design, production, the
ethics of the every-day.

The Brand

PONO was launched in 2003 by Joan and her sister Barbara. They had already been running their family’s button business for years. Over time, Joan got to know and came to love certain materials, like horn and resin. She would find herself thinking about ways to work them into jewelry.

One day, Joan told one of her Italian manufacturers, who also happened to be a dear friend, about her ideas. He said, “If that is what you want to do, then you must do it, and you must do it immediately. Come with me--right now.” And a week later, there she was, in his factory, working on her first collection.

The Finest
Italian Resin

Using fine Italian resins as the main medium, the collection is inspired by Mother Nature, the breathtaking exoticism of Hawaii, the eclectic creativity and diversity of New York City, and the amazing tradition of Italian artistry and craftsmanship. All of PONO is made in Italy.

The PONO collection is sophisticated and cool with a sense of luxury. Joan’s hypersensitive sense of color is an integral part of every PONO creation.

PONO is honored and delighted to offer timeless pieces that remain eminently creative, conscious and collectible.

Gratitude & Love for our PONO Ohana